Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The great think about the Berlin based Adagio830 label is it's musical variety. The label roster ranges from hardcore to emo, indie, screamo, electronic, minimal wave, folk, punkrock and almost everything else. I totally dig the idea of giving a fuck about a typical label sound. This Blanche Blanche Blanche 7" is perhaps one of their most unconventional releases. The horrible multi-color cover art already suggests, that is not a record for the common taste. This two piece from Brattleboro, Vermont cranks out two bizarre tunes, heavily influenced by 80s electronic music and minimal wave. But Blanche Blanche Blanche are not another 80s retro style band. They have developed their very own style of weirdo-pop. "Scam" is a good example. It's made with minmal keyboard tunes, simple over driven drum loops, blown-out guitar solos and odd repetetive vocals. A type of music that sounds like it's made in another galaxy. Imagine Throbbing Gristle were playing pop songs and you'll get a rough idea of Blanche Blanche Blanche's genius. (Listen to it here

CCR HEADCLEANER - S/T 7" (Caesar Cuts)
The third release on the Caesar Cuts label after Leather's smashing debut 7" and the Bloodhouse single from 2011. And it's yet another winner record. CCR Headcleaner sound like they were paying two different brands of music at the same time. At the surface they nail down hook filled early 90s indie and grunge with a sense for poppy meldodies. This four track single shows influences of bands like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. or even Superchunk. On the other hand they throw in a heavy dose of alien-sounding noise, based on surreal and blown out wah wah guitars and walls of anxious drowns. The vocals vary between ugly screams and a jaded, distant style. Altogether CCR Headcleaner create their very own style of blown-out weirdo-noise with a early 90s indie feel. This 7" fukin' rules! (Listen to it here)
GOOD THROB - S/T 7" (SuperFi)
Good Throb are a yet another great new UK based band. If you care about name-droppings: They are featuring members of The Spectres, The Shitty Limits, Tortura and others, but this debut 7" definitely speaks for itself: Good Throb nail down four smashing punk blasts. Snotty blown-out guitars with a out of tune sound are paired with powerful bass lines and furious shouted vocals. The drums balance between being totally supportive and breaking together. Good Throb are heavily influenced by both primitive 70s punk and dissonant uncut postpunk. They've been compared with Kleenex and Swiss postpunk, even if I think the only link between both are their female vocals. So if you need a reference, I think this single sounds like a mix of Crass ,The Proletariat and snotty fucked up three chord punk. It's got a totally authentic no frills attitude and it's just brilliant anger filled punkrock. (Listen to it here)

PINK REASON - ACHE FOR YOU 7" (Savage Quality)
Pink Reason is primarily Kevin's project. He's joined by different musicians for his studio recordings and live performances. This time there are people from Psychedelic Horseshit, Televison Ghost and Eat Skull involved. You never know, what to expect from a Pink Reason record. It could range between dark psychedelic jams or straight punk blasts and that's just the great thing about Pink Reason The only constant is their unfussy style with a sense for catchy melodies. This is already Pink Reasons 12th 7" release and it's yet another winner record. The titletrack "Ache For You" is a heavy rockin tune based on a simple riff and a catchy vocal line. It's shaped by a brilliant guitar solo lasting the whole song and I think both Kevin's vocals and the guitars are modiefied by reverb effects and those echo effects make it sound like it could have been recorded in the late 80s. The song merges garage with early 90s indie and 70s punk. "Darken Daze" on the b-side is slower rock number strapped with an arsenal of dark guitar undertones, a blues groove and a moody feel. A silght Velvet Underground influence becomes obvious  here. This is the kind of single, you want to listen to over and over again! (Listen to it here)